CLI Systems

CLI Systems is a design group specializing in embedded microcontroller systems and PCB fabrication. With an extensive knowledge of multiple 8 and 16-bit microcontrollers, 32-bit embedded Linux systems, and the latest in PCB manufacturing CLI Systems can speed development of any project and increase quality of hardware and software.

Areas of development:

  • Microcontroller selection and system design
  • Low cost PCB development
  • Prototype systems
  • Battery management systems
  • Environmental sensors
  • Embedded Linux applications
Prototyping and development

CLI Systems provides schematic and PCB design services at competitive rates. From schematic capture to full PCB layout and DRC, CLI Systems has the knowledge and experience to work with your business to develop a robust electrical solution. We have worked with business and universities around the US to bring their vision to life and create a physical device. With manufacturing experience with multiple businesses across the globe CLI Systems can minimize manufacturing costs while still providing high quality solutions. Contact us today to see how CLI can help your product or idea.

Embedded Experts

CLI Systems employs experts in the C language, leading to excellent problem solving skills and robust system architecture design. A excellent fundamental understanding of computer architecture and multiple dialects of assembly allow for extremely robust code. Developing down to the register level allows for extreme speed improvements over standard “high level” software development.