PIC24F/dsPIC30F Bootloader C Library

The PIC24F/dsPIC30F bootloader C library is a library designed to allow any application to read and write 16-bit PIC24F or dsPIC30F flash, EEPROM, configuration registers and PIC production data.

All code is in ANSI C and will compile into any C application.


Flash Update and Read flash memory starting from any address in the memory space and arbitrary length. Don’t be bothered with page boundaries, all writes are differential and only update sections of flash
Configuration Set configuration words from inside application code to be used across power cycles
EEPROM Read and write EEPROM data at run time. Functions provided to directly access EEPROM from functions or read/write from memory as blocks
Production data Access and modify PIC production data such as device revision registers and User ID space


Code space: <500 Words
RAM space: <200 Bytes

Library works with smallest code and RAM available in 16-bit PIC product line up to largest >=512K PIC products. Fits within the CodeGuard “Boot Segment” smallest size 0x100-0x3FE. Supports all PIC24F and dsPIC30F devices that support Run-time Self Programming (RTSP).


Commercial use, unlimited usage, full source code, technical support, one time payment:

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