Device Hosting Datacenter

CLI Systems strives to make it easier to work on physical devices by remote teams. We run a Tier-2 data center offering to host non-server devices in our data center for testing, development, verification or evaluation.

Typical data centers use virtual computers or restricted physical servers with no provisions for third-party hardware. We developed this datacenter for exactly that purpose, remote access to devices. If you have a networked product and need to provide access to remote teams, we can help you.

We regularly encounter engineering teams hosting devices on personal/residential networks with port forwards and reverse shells, or from corporate networks by circumventing IT policies. These solutions may work in the short term, however they are not viable long term solutions. With CLI Systems your team can continue to work without fighting network and access issues.

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Devices & Connections

CLI Systems is unlike a traditional data center as we have designed our center to support a multitude of non-server hardware. Our clients host a variety of devices, communicating over multiple protocols, including RS232-TTL, RS485, Modbus TCP, CAN bus, and even industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP.

Devices can be anything that is networked. We have hosted gateway devices communicating with sensors on an RS485 bus, individual networked sensors, and embedded Linux boards for OTA testing.

Need to test a set-top-box (STB) with a remote team? We can setup a private network with dozens of devices and programming adapters.

We can provide access to USB devices such as protocol adapters, as well as dedicated LAN networks, isolated from the internet networking interface. In providing dedicated network interfaces, we can also provide network switches to connect multiple devices.

We have provided access to interfaces such as:

  • Chip programmers (JLink, STLink, etc)
  • JTAG adapters
  • RS485 adapters for Modbus RTU devices
  • TTL level RS232 for debug terminals
  • RS232 adapters for legacy hardware
  • CAN bus adapters
  • Cameras
  • USB based logic analyzers
  • USB based oscilloscopes

Servers & Access

We provide robust and secure servers for remote access to client devices and networks. We provide a selection of server hosting options including:

  • Shared resource bare metal systems
  • Shared resource VPS
  • Dedicated resource VPS systems
  • Dedicated bare metal solutions

Servers are hosted in a secure, access controlled center with full time monitoring staff. CLI Systems provides battery backup solutions for servers and attached network hardware if desired. Battery backup capacity is customized based on the needs of the client.

CLI Systems can additionally provide varying levels of server access based on client needs. We currently provide limited access (via firewall and VPN) or full access (via public IP). Utilizing our full control of the network we can meet the networking needs of any client.

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