Debounce Calculator

Use this calculator to determine what capacitors or resistors you should use to debounce a switch, OR fill in capacitors and resistors and determine the fall time.

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This calculator is based around a simple RC filter where the switch input is pulled to ground. The 'estimated bounce time' is the length of time the switch can bounce for, or it can also be thought of how long until the switch level will be detected as low or high.

High logic level (volts)
The input voltage required by your device to trigger 'high'
Final Voltage (volts)
The voltage connected to the pull-up resistor
Estimated bounce time (ms)
Enter the time the switch bounces for, OR the time result when the voltage will cross a logical high level.
Capacitance (uF)
If you know the capacitor value, enter it here
Resistance (ohms)
If you know the resistor value, enter it here
Final Voltage
Estimate bounce time:
High Logic Level:

More Information

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