Radius Placement Calculator

This page provides a calculator for the X,Y location and degree rotation of parts placed on a radius, such as a layout on a PCB. This page is best viewed on a desktop/laptop screen


Enter the number of parts on the circle in the "Units" input, and then the radius of the circle in the "Radius" input. The "Center Point" is where the center of the radius is on the PCB, this way the output numbers match your layout

The output is the rotation of the part and the X and Y position of the CENTER of the part.

Example, if you want 17 parts evenly distributed around a radius of 1.23 inches (1230 mils), you would enter 17 and either 1.23 or 1230. If the center of your circle is at position 1.12"x1.5", enter 1.12 and 1.5 (or 1120 and 1500 for mils) for the Center Point.

Center point: X Y